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Mission Statement


The Healing Collective supports and empowers our clients on their journey to their optimal expression in a joyful and high vibrational space. Through integrative care and education, we provide offerings that are approachable and manageable for everyone.


Core Values


Heart Centered

At The Healing Collective, we embody unconditional love and acceptance with the essence of joy and plenty of laughter.


We seek to grow our community through services, offerings and events.


We believe that not only encouraging, but truly allowing people to be themselves and live an authentic life is key in improving their health and well being.


We blend tangible tools with magical wisdom of the ages and bring them together in conscious awareness. The unknown becomes known and palpable shifts occur.


Knowing that prosperity is our birthright, we embrace this ideal and receive infinite abundance in all aspects of the lives of our practitioners and clients.


Meet the Founders


Jennefer Moseley & Elizabeth Bell

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Jennefer Moseley and Elizabeth Bell were introduced by a mutual friend in the summer of 2014. Both dynamic, passionate and exceptional at their chosen fields of expertise they ignited a professional friendship immediately. Elizabeth began working out of Hermosa Well Being, Jennefer’s former establishment and Jennefer attended a couple of retreats with Araluna Healing Arts, founded by Elizabeth Bell.

After spending some rich and profound experiences together, they realized that they had a clear and nearly identical vision of a healing center in which they could collaborate with other accomplished practitioners that specialize in preventative and self care, build holistic programs, offer retreats, and support all seeking to expand and live well. They also discovered they were showing up in the same dress, often being mistaken for sisters, and finishing each others sentences.  To top it off, together they had something else special; they found that their healing modalities complimented one another in a synchronistic and beneficial way.

In 2016 they led groups of individuals on retreat to sacred locations in Ojai, California, and Bimini, Bahamas.  After these life altering experiences they recognized and acknowledged how well they worked together and understood more clearly why they initially met and the power of their vision propelling them forward. Feeling both excited and motivated, they began to take a deeper and more determined look at their shared vision. In a short amount of time they found property and began to co-create The Healing Collective.

After months of staying the course and drawing together a group of amazingly seasoned and professional practitioners, The Healing Collective opened it’s doors in May of 2017. Creating a welcoming community where individuals can come and receive treatments, education, support and guidance, and experience unique opportunities, continues to unfold with intention, joy and grace.