The realm of angels and spiritual guides felt natural to me as I danced and laughed joyfully with them around my living room as a very little girl. I excitedly left gifts and food for them on little plates on the window sills of my home at night, expecting it all to disappear by morning, taken by my light being friends. I felt them around me, knew confidently that they were there and didn’t question that they were watching over me, especially when I felt alone or scared or needed their help through a difficult time.

People saw me as quiet, inward and shy but, in truth, I was simply quite content to sit, ‘sensing’ everyone and everything around me while listening and trying to understand the more elusive inner intuitive communication. I may have appeared shy and lonely but felt the company of my angels and spirit guides - I never felt alone. When all my friends were out playing, I continued to spend hours in my room, practicing various ways to enter through special doorways to other dimensions, whether they were angelic, elemental or mystical, but always beings of light. I was compelled to find the places that held the secret mysteries of who we really were. I just knew that what we were all being told wasn’t quite true.

For awhile I thought everyone felt the same energies around, that others ‘saw’ angels ‘heard’ them and talked to them. But, as I got older I realized that this wasn’t true. And, of course, I never shared my experiences with others until I was quite a bit older. When I fell away at different times through the years, I felt nudged patiently back by my angels. I felt strongly that all of this had something to do with my purpose later on in life. There is no way to truly shut down your connection to the other realms, once you’ve awakened to their existence –you also awaken to the illusion that they could ever be gone. The angelic realm is an existing dimension that only needs our cooperation to interact in the most wonderful ways. We all have the ability to connect with this realm, it is our awareness and willingness that activates the channel to the angelic dimensions. The consciousness on this planet is expanding, there is a great quickening and more and more of us are remembering that we, in truth, exist in all dimensions, we are intrinsically inter-connected. It is part of our beautiful and amazing, authentic and divine reality and the angels are here to help us realize this and to guide us on our journey to live this truth through our incarnation on earth.

The magic key to opening the channel to our angels is to ASK for their help. To welcome them into your world, your heart, your thoughts. This is the empowering force to for them to be fully present and interactive in our lives. They will never supersede our free will and will patiently, unceasingly wait for us to ask for their help. Until then, they stay with us lovingly, unconditionally, using many interesting ways to get our attention and to activate our memory. The moment we invite our angels in, they will enthusiastically enter fully into our world.

They are here for one reason….to remind us who we truly are - to guide us, support us, protect us, comfort us, and uplift us along the path to that purpose.

They are not here to be quiet and subtle, they are working with great effort, to reach us and to further open the channels for our communication with them. They have a very specific ‘voice’  with unique characteristics. Becoming familiar with this is the key. Sometimes it was very difficult to hear the subtle voice of my angels and guides in the midst of the voices in our mind but there are very specific ways to tell the difference – they do not speak to us in the same way. 

Later on in my life I noticed 11:11 incessantly, everywhere, as well as the number 3 and multiples of 3. I was drawn to look at the clock at 3:33, 3:30, 3:13. I would check my emails and I had 333 or my phone was inevitably at 33%. This was my angels’ letting me know they were there. These numbers activates our deeper connection to who we are, our divine essence and that we are more and greater than our earth stories. This is how they are trying to ‘wake us up’, along with many other creative, interesting ways our angels touch us.

They truly are family and they share our life experiences enthusiastically, thoughtfully, gently, honestly, persistently and lovingly. They are endlessly devoted and committed to us and our path. They will always send loving light to us no matter what we are doing. Whether we let them in or not, no matter what choices we make, regardless of our history. They are with us unconditionally, absolutely. They never judge or condemn or criticize or demand. They honor free will above all and know they are here to serve us.