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Classes & Workshops


Human Design in Relationships

Saturday, February 2, 2019
10 am to 12:30 pm


Back by popular demand, Human Design Expert Dylan Varenhorst returns to The Healing Collective to facilitate his next foundational workshop, with an emphasis on relationships! Relationships have challenged human beings from time immemorial and spawned countless techniques, therapies, and ideologies that all attempt to explain the 'magic' formula to love.

But what if all the answers were already written in our own genetic code? How we connect is determined by numerous factors that influence the flow of life force through us and between us. With Human Design, we can finally take an objective look at our inner workings- why and how we feel, need, and desire each other, and when we do come together, what unconscious influences present themselves?

As we dive into the energetic anatomy of you and your partner, we get to read the script that is informing the play and learn our lines so we can perfect the performance. The result: more satisfying bonds, more peace of mind, and clarity as to what kind of feeling states can arise from our connection to others.

What Is Included?

During this Interactive Experience you will;

*Explore the Origins of Human Design

*Delve into the Implications, Applications and Human Potential of the information HD provides

*Learn the Structural Foundations of the Bodygraph Chart and what lies behind each of our unique designs

*Understand how your chart reveals your true nature, and identifies the keys to living our ultimate purpose and achieving abundance, peace and satisfaction

*Have an opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussion receive personal insight

*Receive your own personalized bodygraph chart for you to take home

Need to Know

*Advance Registration is Required - upon registering you will be asked to provide additional information necessary to produce your bodygraph chart

*You may want to take notes - bring a journal and pen

*Space is Limited, and this Event will sell out; Reserve your Spot today!

More About Human Design

Ready for a game changer? Human Design allows us to see ourselves and our life in a whole new context – one that clarifies and upgrades the journey of awareness in form. We are ll differentiated beings – and that is apparent – but what’s underneath the hood? The Human Design bodygraph reveals precisely the divine imprint that shaped your arrival onto this planet, and provides, in mechanical absolutes rather than belief-based ideology, a personalized guide to navigating life – as yourself. This is more than just another way to characterize and identify the intricacies of our beingness – it is a key to transcending them (and all other mind games and ego traps). By surrendering to our Design, we release the resistance that the mind’s insistence on dominance brings to our process, and become the witness of the flowering of our unique, differentiated consciousness. Expect nothing less than a complete reorientation on how to live and thrive in this world – leaving behind all homogenized contexts and skyrocketing into the trajectory you intended for yourself before you came here.

We’re built for consciousness – that is the gift of the age we are living in. But left to the conditioning that still lingers from our strategic past, we become obsessed with homogenized ideals that strip us of our right to become uniquely who we are without threat to our survival. We micromanage our lives and live in unnaturally high levels of stress and fear – which distorts our bodies, minds, and our potential to feel truly alive and connected to this world. A human design reading will push the reset button on who you think you are…will you take the blue pill or the red pill?

An initiation via Human Design means catalyzing changes on a cellular level so that the core blueprint of you – with all its magic, flow, and genius, can rise to the surface. This is not an overnight process, but rather a commitment to growth and awareness that steadily gains momentum until finally you take the hands off the wheel of your life and embrace Passenger Consciousness. This is the modern state of living as an ‘enlightened’ being yet being perfectly at peace with the ups and downs of life. We take a back seat and let the vehicle drive itself -as this is the potential for all awakened human beings in the window of time in which we live. Decisions are no longer the domain of the mental plain, and we liberate our conscious awareness to do its thing – share its unique perspective of its unique path. The best part is – each of these revelations come not from the doctrine or ideology of some philosopher or prophet of ages past – but from the pure, UNIQUE truth of the body you are living in right now.


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About Human Design Facilitator - Dylan Varenhorst 


Dylan is a spiritual teacher with 7 years of experience, here to act as a bridge between the wisdom traditions of the ancient world and the dynamic changes that are approaching humanity in the near future. He teaches within the frameworks of Kundalini Yoga, Human Design, Astrology, and Tarot. His focus is on equipping clients with practical tools that make dramatic restructuring and radical empowerment possible, and that emphasize the sacredness and uniqueness of the human spirit. To learn more about Dylan please visit

Intuitive Investigations Development Program

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.31.27 PM.png

Intuitive Investigations Level 1 Training

February 8-10, 2019

This beginner’s course is designed to help you understand your gifts and guide you in developing them, so they can be used in your daily lives. You will have the opportunity to work on cases, learn different aspects of forensics, and how to investigate a crime scene from start to finish. We will work on a live case and have one of the victim’s family members come in to discuss the case. In addition, an FBI agent will explain the different aspects of her work with Jennifer.

After completing the course, you will have the opportunity to become part of Jennifer Shaffer’s Intuitive Investigations Academy, working on cases as beta-testers for the ground-breaking software, Impartial Witness. Information you provide could help assist families and law enforcement on cold-cases, missing person cases and unsolved mysteries if you so choose.

Over the course of this weekend intensive, you will

  • Discuss Jennifer Shaffer’s work with families and law enforcement and how that led to Impartial Witness software platform. We will go over exercises to learn about intuitive gifts and how they connect to a case

    • People receive information in different ways and Jennifer will help you understand your individual intuitive gifts and how to strengthen them.

    • How to identify the information you are receiving- are you feeling, seeing, or hearing your information and how that can eventually become evidence.

    • We will discuss Remote Viewing

  • Gain Knowledge of Divination Tools and How to Read the Energy to Receive information

    • Psychometry - Holding an object such as clothing or jewelry to receive information. How to understand the energy around the objects.

    • Pictures- Looking at a photo to receive information. Do you feel something, see something, or hear something? We will go into detail about how to read the energy of a photograph on a case.

    • Names - What it means when you hear a name or write it down. What information comes through when you see a name. How to get more information from a name.

  • Research Cases Using Intuitive Based Evidence

    • Review the information learned in the course thus far to work up two cases from

      start to finish

    • The first case is a cold case and the second case is a live one.

    • The importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

  • Communication and Ethics - Talking to Victims’ Families

    • Review several cases and discuss the protocols on what to say and what not to say

      while talking to family members and law enforcement.

    • Break into groups to work on a current case based only upon a name and a photo -

      discuss the “hits” that you get collectively.

    • Each group will present their findings as if they were talking to the victim’s family

  • Learn How to Incorporate the Above Information into Real Work on Live Cases as well as Cold Cases.

    • We will use all of the tools learned to bring through intuitive based evidence. Use your remote viewing techniques to hone in on locations of missing persons. Learn how to recognize information that can be used as evidence through details that come through in images.

    • We will work on a new case to collaborate on together. We will then present our findings to the victim’s mother. She will explain what has happened throughout the case, and identify the hits our team has achieved today, and confirm how Jennifer has helped with the ongoing case.

  • Hear from a Guest Speaker FBI Agent who will discuss her work with Jennifer

  • Q & A for Jennifer Shaffer and discuss participation in JS Intuitive Investigations Academy and how to work with Impartial Witness.

Level 1 Program Tuition: $525 | $444 Early Bird Special Ends January 14th!

Program Dates and Times:

Friday, February 8 2019 - 4 pm to 8 pm

Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 9 am to 6 pm (1 hour lunch break on your own)

Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 9 am to 1 pm

*You must be over the age of 18 to participate in this program. Upon completion of ALL Level 1 Program Hours, participants will receive a 'Certificate of Completion’ for Level 1 and become eligible for acceptance into Jennifer’s Intuitive Investigations Academy. Those accepted into this Academy will be provided the opportunity to become a beta tester for the Impartial Witness Software Program, where you can use your developed skill to help solve thousands of cold cases. 


Jennifer Shaffer is a world-renowned Psychic Medium. Her cases have been profiled on Dr. Phil and CNN. Jennifer donates her time to law enforcement and families of victims, by assisting with criminal cases and helping find answers. She is the Vice President & Law Enforcement Case Expert for Impartial Witness software platform. Learn more about Jennifer here.