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Intro to Ayurveda with Emma Horne

Saturday, August 24, 2019 from 10:00 am -12:00 pm

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This fun and informative workshop will help you understand your unique body type as per Ayurvedic Principles. Are you Vata, Pitta or Kapha? Ayurveda has been used in India for over 5,000 years and the meaning of Ayurveda is 'Science of Life'. Ayurvedic healthcare is entirely holistic and believes that every person has their own unique Mind/ Body constitution which needs to be treated in its own individual way. Through the use of food, herbs and lifestyle choices we can empower ourselves with this ancient wisdom and learn how to simply keep in check. Are you more airy and creative, or a little more fiery and passionate? Or maybe you’re a bit slower to get going? Ayurveda will explain every detail about your personality including mind, body and emotions and give you the tools to keep in balance. From this workshop you will take home:

*The principles of Ayurveda

* Your own unique personal Mind/Body type

*Details about how to keep your Mind/Body type in balance

*Knowledge of any imbalances you may currently have

*How to keep in balance through lifestyle choices (exercise, sleep, food, meditation)

Join Ayurveda Wellness Coach Emma Horne for this ancient wisdom and lots fun over a a cup of tea (or ice water) and a sample of Organic Kitchari - The most popular Ayurvedic dish made with rice, lentils, spices and Emma’s homemade ghee!

Workshop Tickets are $33. Space is Limited to and Registration is required!

About Emma

Emma Horne has been studying Ayurveda for the last 10 years after doing Ayurvedic training in Tamil Nadu, India in 2010. Emma is a Mom of 2 small children but spends as much time as she can making Organic Herbal Formulas in her Kitchen, practicing as an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and holding Healing and Drum circles.

Emma uses all her skills as a therapist to get to the heart of the problem. Through her knowledge of Ayurveda and her strong intuition she can help you find the true meaning of health, by bringing all aspects of your being back into balance including mind, body and spirit. Emma is a deeply compassionate and caring soul and feels it is her dharma to help others find true health and happiness. By empowering you with some simple and effective tools, Emma will support you in developing awareness of your unique Mind/Body type and all the ways in which you can bring yourself back into balance as per your unique constitution. into the sacred circles in life for empowered living. Join Linda Chollar, healing practitioner for a 4-week experiential journey of connecting with Natures love for circles. Learn how your body and soul completes itself as you consciously travel these circles. Discover the power of chakras, auras, polarity, feng shui, energy cords, heavenly bodies and more and harness the energy of the Universe at home, work, in relationships and for health. A circle has no beginning and no end - step in and enjoy the flow.

 Super Charge Your Wow Years!

A Dynamic and Interactive Workshop with Author Rita Connor

Sunday, August 4, 2019 from 1:00-4:00 pm

Rita Connor Workshop.png

Participate in this dynamic and fun workshop and learn how to:

• Supercharge Your Second Half of Life!

• Assess where you are in life right now.

• Gain support for your goals from workshop participants

• Create an Action plan to create more Wow Moments/Days/Years/Life

• Create Vision Books to help envision your best chapter of life

• Do an inspiring Vision for the coming year

$69 includes the workshop, vision book and signed copy of "Your Wow Years! Supercharge the Second Half of Life!"

Advanced Registration is Required and Space is Limited - Reserve Your Spot Below!





More events to come!

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