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Elizabeth Bell

Certified PureBioenergy Therapist

Elizabeth Bell is a Founding Partner of The Healing Collective and Certified PureBioenergy Therapist, assisting countless numbers of clients on their journey to health and healing since her work began in 2012. She received her certification and training from Zoran Hochstatter, the official teacher of PureBioenergy in the United States, Canada and UK. Elizabeth is passionate about working with clients to achieve powerful healing and transformation through restoring balance to the bioenergetic field. She is certified to treat individuals with PureBioenergy in group sessions (the most powerful way to experience this method), private one-on-one sessions and distance healing, and travels to provide PureBioenergy therapy at group clinics and wellness retreats around the world. Elizabeth also serves The Healing Collective as a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Practitioner, Empath Coach and Retreats Facilitator.

Why SHE BECAME A PureBioenergy TherapisT

Many times during my life I have been told by others that I’m here to serve as a healer. At the time I did not fully understand what this meant nor did it fit into my understanding of the world. This information was something I didn’t consider in a serious way until 2007 when it was again revealed to me during my first hypnotherapy regression session. For many years after this I exhaustively searched for what it was I was ’supposed’ to be doing, and during this period experienced many different modalities, some of which I very much enjoyed, though none felt like just the right fit. With the birth of my son in 2009 I shifted my focus to being a mother and my corporate job. In 2012, I went through what some would call a rapid acceleration, or ‘awakening process’. Unprompted I’d receive downloads, bursts of insight and began to spontaneously channel information about the pending shift in consciousness. During this transformative period I experienced a series of vivid and powerful dreams where I observed myself healing individuals using a technique I had never seen or experienced before. A week later, I inadvertently stumbled across a documentary online called 'Think About It', about a method of Bioenergy healing. As I watched and observed the practitioners performing the exact same movements and gestures as I did in my dreams, I burst into tears and my whole body shook with powerful remembrance. I just knew. I signed up for the next training available and traveled across the country to attend. As I experienced and learned PureBioenergy for the first time it felt completely natural to me, as if I’d known it all my life. The healing results came powerfully and rapidly with family, friends and clients, the effects of which were unforgettable and undeniable. It completely changed my world as it has the worlds of thousands of others, and I can’t imagine life without it!

Why She chose to open the Healing Collective

For years I have held the vision to create a community of heart centered healers to anchor a high vibrational space and serve the world through it. I have long known that it is part of my mission here during this exciting time on our planet. I am honored to have answered the call to bring this beautiful dream into reality, and it is the most surreal and wondrous thing to see it come to life. The light and love that our practitioners bring to our space is beyond what I could have imagined. 

what excites me about what i do

I love being able to witness the moment of astonishment and excitement when a client sees, experiences or feels something that they were previously told or believed was not possible. To be a part of a person’s shift from disbelief to utter amazement, from resigned acceptance of their condition to the realization that healing is not only possible but tangible, to open their eyes to a world beyond what we’ve all been conditioned to accept…, to watch them heal and become empowered, joyful, and free…it is entirely humbling and awe inspiring, and everyday I wake up with a grateful and thankful heart that I have the privilege of being of service in this way.