Felicia ‘Onyi’ Richards

Sacred Ritualist & Divine SongStress, Certified PureBioenergy Therapist

Onyi is a Divine Songstress, Energy worker, Creative, and Teacher, who heals through sound, touch, and word. She utilizes her voice and other instrumentation to create powerful sonic experiences in one-on-one and group settings, and also creates and holds space for sacred ritual and ceremony. She is a Certified PureBioenergy Therapist, as well as a channel/medium for information which she communicates via intuitive readings, spiritual life and business coaching, and simple conversation. 

While she is a practitioner of Ifa (a traditional cultural, philosophical, and spiritual system developed by the Yoruba people of West Africa), she is a lover of all expressions of Spirituality. All of the experiences she has had, people she has encountered, and ideas she has contemplated thus far (and over many lifetimes) have led her to the conclusion that God is ALL of it…the All that Is.

Why she became a Sacred Ritualist and Divine SongSTRESS

I choose to do this work because it’s what I love to do…it comes naturally to me. I have been singing and playing various instruments since I can remember—whether for my own personal enjoyment; as a part of school and church ensembles; or semi-professionally. Past my own enjoyment, I found that others were drawn to and positively affected my voice. In college I was introduced to and began studying folkloric music of various ATRs (African Traditional Religions) and fell in love with them. Around this same time my exposure to various spiritual practices and metaphysical concepts was increasing. Over time I began to realize how much I enjoyed and felt at ease being in and creating ritual and ceremony. The combination of sound and ritual/ceremony made sense to me personally and also given the world) had on me. The excitement and joy that takes over my entire being when I am singing, creating a ritual/ceremony, or doing any of the healing work I do in any given moment is so powerful and it reverberates throughout any space that I am in. 


I became part of The Healing Collective for various reason.I love the energy of the people and the space. I feel enveloped in love, nurtured, and at peace every time I walk in or greet a practitioner. I also find it to be an interesting balance of a structured organization/business and the more openness and fluidity, especially given the nature of the work conducted in and through the space. I come from almost 15 years of experience in Corporate America doing work that looks a lot different in many ways than what I do now. But I learned a great deal about structure, professionalism, and other elements that I find is assisting me in the realm of healing, spirituality, and the arts. THC is a natural fit for me as it allows me to tap into the various parts of me.

What excites me about what I do

I seem to create or invite a vortex of energy on multiple levels whenever I do this work specifically and also given how I show up in Existence in general. I see and live my life as a work of art, as a practice, as an ever changing force. Intentionality and the desire to live a life of integrity are foundations of everything I do. When people step into this vortex, they experience whatever healing they need in that moment, sometimes in ways that surprise them. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a conduit for the Life force energy to flow through me the way it does.