Kristin Whitelaw

Angelic intuitive counselor, Ph.D., C.Ht

Do you want to feel calm within your mind, peace within your heart and confidence in your ability to change your life? Now you can heal your past and no longer experience old patterns and blocks that cause you to feel ‘stuck”, anxious, worried or confused. Dr. Kristin Whitelaw has 24 years experience as a Transformational Intuitive Healer. She has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Usui Reiki Master, is trained in Advanced Neuro Dynamics and is an Ordained Reverend. Dr. Whitelaw has developed many unique and effective approaches to bring forth emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. She uses various techniques to guide you to understand who you truly are as you discover how to live with inner peace, joy and fulfillment in a deeply meaningful and purposeful way. She helps you release patterns of thinking and behavior that seem to persistently affect your daily lives and hinder positive movement, self-expression and fulfillment of your divine purpose. Dr. Whitelaw specializes in relieving anxiety, emotional pain and loss of spiritual connection. Her strong and accurate intuitive gifts bring a deep understanding of and ability to identify the underlying causes for the issues, choices and behaviors her client’s struggle with. She uses an integrative and holistic (body/mind/spirit) approach to guide you in resolving these issues to creating lasting changes and transformation. These methods include hypnotherapy, consciousness awareness techniques, energy work, cognitive therapy, inner child exploration, guided visualization and ceremony to heal and connect on the deepest level.


Why she became an angelic intuitive counselor

My heart and soul were born to do this work. I’ve always known this deeply. From my first memories as a young girl, I spent my childhood imagining the world beyond my view, whether picturing what exists out in the expanse of the Universe or what lies within our deepest selves. I was consistently drawn to know more about the mysteries of life and to discover how they were intertwined in the workings of every person’s self journey. I soon began to notice people’s pain, sadness, worry and frustration. I observed that people suffered when they felt disconnected from themselves and others. I recognized the difficulties the emotional world caused those around me. I saw how so many believed they weren’t worthy, beautiful, purposeful and powerful divine beings and how their sense of self withdrew away while their efforts to be what they thought they ‘should’ be or were ‘expected’ to be came forward. They forgot themselves and intensely felt it but didn’t know why or what to do. Because of this, my desire to grew to help others know that the answers were within them, that all they needed to do was remember this truth and to awaken to who they always have been and are meant to be.  It was the most natural thing in the world for me to seek ways to serve others, to help them realize their beautiful perfection that never really went away to begin with. To help them heal their hearts, to understand and bring compassion to their past and their pain, to remember who they are and to find the truthful and joyful expression of what that is in their lives. 

Why she became a part of The Healing Collective

To be a part of a center for healing has been an inspired desire for me for many years. I believe that one of the most critical aspects of our growth in consciousness, individually and as people all over the world, is to come together, unite and celebrate the true and deep connections that we have as spirits on this planet as well as uplifting, supporting and integrating all our unique approaches to creating healing, comfort and guidance. In addition, merging our powerful energies together to create even more extraordinary sources of loving service than we can possibly imagine. The Healing Collective is the most stunning example of this I have seen and I knew instantly that what is emerging within this Collective - the meaningful purpose and passionate intention - couldn’t be more perfectly aligned with who I am and the work I do. I am honored to have joined with all the extraordinarily gifted souls of The Healing Collective. 

what excites me about what i do

A: The most deeply thrilling aspect of what I do is helping others understand that who they are, who they truly are, the being who began this journey on earth, full and complete with all their unique characteristics within, alive and absolute, has not been lost, diminished or harmed. That it remains present within, from the first moment of life to this very moment and on. I am truly excited when those I work with understand themselves as the spirit who only desires to be a true and full expression of itself and although they may feel detached from what that is at times in their lives due to life’s pain, loss and emotional trauma – their true self is forever with them, always ready to be remembered and recreated in their life, full with its gifts, passions, unique characteristics and purpose. I thoroughly enjoy being a presence for the unfoldment of these beautiful, confident expressions of their divine, original beings….in their lives, their work and their relationships.