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Laur Berman

clinical hypnotherapist, NLP

Laur is a certified clinical hypnotherapist that specializes in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and therapeutic imagery techniques to help her clients achieve the changes they desire and access answers hidden inside. She is a mix of both head thinking and heart feeling. Her analytical side strives to understand all the research, best methods, and science-based answers for how and why alternative methods work for your mind and body.  On the other hand, her intuitive heart-centered side guides her on what you need to make your sessions most effective.  She specializes in aligning her clients intentions with their emotional and behavioral habits, enabling them to move forward in life free from stress and worries, feeling confident, supported, and able to handle anything that comes their way.

Why she became a certified hypnotherapist

As a very driven and goal oriented person, there was little that could stop me when I made my mind up to do something… until I realized that despite all my best intentions, reasoning, and willpower there were some changes I just could not make on my own.  At first, this felt very defeating to me. Why can’t I follow through and make changes that I know are good for me?!  This question drove me into a frenzy of research and knowledge acquisition.  I found myself pursuing the study of habits.  I became fascinated with habits in behavior, thoughts, and emotions.  How our mind works with us and also seemingly against us and how we can reprogram it to achieve the goals and outcomes that fit our current day objectives. My feelings of defeat changed to hope and then motivation as I found hypnotherapy to be the very powerful tool that assists us in making the changes we desire. It is said that it takes 18 to 254 days to form a new habit, and then 66 days for that new behavior to become automatic.  With hypnotherapy, this timeline is drastically reduced and some clients can see their changes in as little as 1 session.  To me, that is amazing and very powerful. 


Why she became a part of the Healing Collective

My number one objective is to help people achieve their goals and live their best life.  I believe in the value of a team and the wondrous benefits of working with others to make the most powerful impact.  The ability to partner with other like-minded individuals at the Healing Collective and provide my clients with a plethora of resources to help them achieve their goals is invaluable to both me and my clients. 


what excites me about what i do

What excites me the most about what I do is seeing someone become stronger from the inside out.  Our conscious mind knows what we want; it helps us make decisions and take action through logic and willpower.  We think we can control everything with our conscious mind but that is misleading. The power for change and living our best life really comes from our subconscious mind.  It is here where our emotions, values, and beliefs are stored and they steer the ship!  I have the ability to help clients communicate and make changes to their subconscious mind so that it can be aligned with their conscious choices.  The changes all begin from the inside out.