Laurie Angress
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Certified Yoga Therapist and Meditation/Mindfulness Facilitator

Laurie’s unique, personalized, one-to-one approach combines a range of yoga therapy tools and mindful practices that promote optimal health, well-being, and relaxation in both adults and teens. Every mindful yoga therapy session starts with her belief that each person is innately whole, not broken and interconnected with all of life, and takes place in a non-judgmental environment of safety, compassion, and trust.

Early in her studies, she recognized that yoga is much more than simply moving through postures and breathing with awareness. While concurrently exploring mindfulness meditation, Laurie discovered that this combination helped to reduce her own physical pain and respond to life’s challenges with more ease and self-compassion. 

Whether clients are dealing with pain, stiffness, disease, physical disability, stress, or simply feel disconnected, personalized yoga therapy is an integrative practice that complements any other healing modality. Laurie addresses each individual’s specific symptoms with a custom mix of movement, breathing, yoga philosophy/lifestyle, meditation, and mindfulness, carefully measuring and monitoring her clients’ current status, changes, and progress by using several different metrics from one session to the next. As a practitioner, she deeply listens and observes while guiding clients toward their own mindful self-awareness, inner wisdom, and healing.

One of the methods she has found to be powerfully transformational is iRest Yoga Nidra, a system of guided mindfulness that results in deep restoration of the senses, physical, emotional, and mental balance and equanimity for her clients. Laurie also leads Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) small group programs on a regular basis, to give adolescents healthy life management tools for life situations such as social challenges, test/college prep anxiety, and sports performance stress. She has worked with teens for five years as faculty at Fusion Academy, a private high school.

Laurie was certified as a Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) after graduating from the Yoga Therapy RX program at Loyola Marymount University in August 2014, including an internship at the Simms/Mann Venice Family Clinic working with chronic pain patients. She earned her iRest Yoga Nidra facilitator certification from the Integrative Restoration Institute in 2017, and obtained her MBSR-T certification by the program creator, Gina M. Biegel, LMFT, in 2015. 

Laurie’s passion to share life-changing yogic wisdom and mindfulness arises from a deep desire to bring peace and healing to her community. She volunteers as a yoga therapist at the Simms/Mann Venice Family Clinic, offers free group meditation at Cerritos College, mentors LMU yoga therapy interns, serves as a City Leader for the non-profit organization Sidewalk Talk, and is a member of the Beach Cities Health District Student Mental Health Task Force.



After completing a yoga teacher training, I felt a strong pull to go deeper into the philosophy and teachings of this ancient practice, and honestly wanted to become an expert in some aspect of yoga. Happily, I found the Yoga Therapy RX program at LMU, which follows the lineage and teachings of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, considered the father of modern yoga therapy. This program was a perfect fit and felt like the equivalent of a Master’s Degree that occurred over three years. Meditation became a personal practice and to compliment my yoga therapy studies, I was drawn to a specific healing course of study, iRest/yoga nidra. These two healing modalities of yoga therapy and iRest make up my regular personal practice and what I love to share. My healing toolbox always has room for more but I am certain that it is now robust and powerful. 



Meeting with Elizabeth and Jennefer a few times over several months, I sensed palpable intention and commitment to their vision and their work. Initially, I was hesitant based solely on my own fears but decided to step into my strengths and trust myself because I trusted them! The Healing Collective offers what I am passionate about; collaboration, women supporting women, group energy, and being part of a larger purpose. 



I truly enjoy educating people about the powerful effects we can have on our nervous systems, minds, bodies, and our spirit through the practices of yoga and meditation. Supporting people to discover their innate ability to experience well-being regardless of circumstance is powerful. So often, we believe we are our pain, our anger, our stress, when in fact, these are temporary experiences that can be met and changed. Your body/mind wants to find balance—we simply need to give it the tools to do so.