Linda Chollar


Linda Chollar

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Linda Chollar

CRanioSacral, Acupressure and Wellness Coach

Linda’s unique and intuitive healing approach is tailored for each person and can include hands-on therapy with wellness coaching, postural lessons and intuitive readings.

Gentle hands-on techniques of CranioSacral Therapy with Functional Acupressure help to identify and address root causes of disharmony and symptoms. As energy channels are opened for self-healing to occur, you experience whole-body balancing, freedom from pain, better movement, a renewed spirit and empowerment.

You may have tried everything without relief from pain. You may feel like something is missing in your life - a higher level of consciousness, more mindfulness, motivation, energy or passion. Linda’s personal and intuitive body therapy and coaching can be a transformational step in your journey.

Why she became a Craniosacral, Acupressure and Wellness Coach

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help others feel better…as a young girl, I used healing touch to ease pain in family. Metaphysical experiences allowed me to connect with higher realms and teachers from Spirit. I knew my purpose and clear direction came when my mother passed in the late seventies.

Years of caregiving and watching her in pain set the stage for my career in holistic medicine. My journey included study of Eastern teachings on the unexplained and unseen; years of training in therapeutic bodywork and Western medicine; ancestral Guides and Nature teaching shamanic ways of healing; founding a wellness center and school of healing teaching nurses in holistic practices.

My greatest joy as I have embraced my calling has been my private practice. To help even one person experience holistic healing and avoid needless suffering honors my mom. As my greatest teacher, she taught me that I could not truly know one’s suffering unless I’d walked in their shoes. One day, years later as I was teaching postural lessons, I literally took a ‘walk in my clients shoes' and I could feel their body misalignments as they manifest in the feet - my heart whispered, hi mom.

We are all connected and this truth exists, “As One Heals We All Heal”. The Divine tapestry of my life is being woven every day as I follow my soul purpose. I am humbled to walk alongside another on their path, to share our wisdom and experiences as together we can heal our planet.


It was Divine order when I was invited to join the Collective as I had just decided to change locations for my practice and had asked the Universe for Guidance. I am grateful to be part of a loving, compassionate group of women, all experts in their fields collaborating to help community on many levels. The co-creative energy created at The Healing Collective is felt the moment you enter. My clients now have one location to access many diverse healing professionals.

What excites me about what I do

Seeing a smile replace a look of pain, hearing my client say, thank you, I feel better… or, you have changed my life, knowing the transformation of healing from the past, watching a client laugh again after relief from chronic issues and feeling gratitude for the trust of a client sending others my way. It’s exciting to honor the body’s healing ability and help others find balance, peace, movement (body, mind and energy) and freedom from pain through God’s Grace.