Maria Mizzi

Transformational Nutrition Coach.

Maria is a fully licensed and accredited Transformational Nutrition Coach. Over the years she has transformed herself losing over 30lbs, getting back her health and vitality. At that same time Maria helped her husband lose over 110lbs and get healthy following her customized nutrition method. Her business has transformed as well, from Personal Trainer to deep diving into nutrition with her clientsto lose weight, create a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook for themselves and those around them. Maria specializes in working with busy women, entrepreneurs and multi-passionate moms to help make simple shifts in the kitchen and on themselves easy and fun. Clients often say the changes they made seemed easier than they ever thought possible and often say it was her “knowledge, positive outlook and encouragement” that helped them stay focused and create a healthy lifestyle. She works directly with women one on one or in her group masterminds, listening to their individual needs, working together to design personalized plans, menus and approaches to create lifelong changes that are natural and easy to maintain. We are often overwhelmed with the everyday rigors of life and fall flat when it comes to “eating healthy” not by choice but by simply not being aware of all of the choices we have. Maria’s programs and coaching bring clarity and accountability to your goals and create permanent changes for a lifetime of self fulfillment. 

 Maria Mizzi, CTNC, CPT is a known expert in weight loss, nutrition, fitness and health.  She is a certified nutrition specialist, fitness expert, confidence and life coach as well as a transformational speaker.  Maria holds multiple certifications (ITN, AFAA, NESTA, WITS) in Fitness and Nutrition and a degree (S.U.N.Y) in Communications. She is the co-author of the #1 best selling Amazon book, Passionistas and the creator of The Beach Physique Method that has helped hundreds of people around the world lose from 10 to 110lbs over the past several years.


Why she became a Transformational Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Not so long ago I found myself unhappy with my body and my life. By focusing almost exclusively on my career I sacrificed my health and gained 30 lbs in the course of a year.  My energy left and took my confidence with it. After seeing doctors and specialists, trying fad diets and extreme exercise programs with no lasting change, I decided to get to the root of my issues and find a way to heal myself. So I went back to school and over the next several years earned degrees and certifications in fitness and nutrition. Once I understood the connections between food, exercise, and mental attitude I began to see a change not only in my weight but also in my outlook. Simple shifts in the way I thought about food and exercise changed the way I felt about everything! I was able to lose the 30 lbs within a few short months and that’s when I knew I was meant to help others do the same.  As a Transformational Nutrition & Fitness Coach I continue to help others lose weight, gain energy and confidence to live life full out as it was meant to be.

Why she became a part of the Healing Collective

I became a part of the Healing Collective for the unique opportunity to work together with the most professional and knowledgeable practitioners in the South Bay connecting and sharing our expertise of inner and outer well being in our community and beyond.  


what excites me about what i do

As a certified transformational nutrition and fitness coach, I have helped hundreds of people (myself included) gain back their energy and confidence to live an abundant, healthy lifestyle. I know what making small changes, hard work and dedication has done for myself and my clients, above and beyond losing weight… create permanent change through continued healthy habits to live a 10 plus life.