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Certified Massage Therapist

Marsha Rivera, CLMT, utilizes her extraordinary gift of healing through the art of massage. From a young age she was drawn to massage and through her experiences discovered it to be a powerful way to heal and restore balance to the body. Since 2009, Marsha has put her hands (and feet) on thousands of clients, and offers individuals a deeply healing, relaxing, stress-and-pain relieving experience. She has the ability to intuitively sense the needs of her clients on ALL levels, which shapes her approach with each individual. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Ashiastu and Deep Feet Bar Therapy. Marsha can also enhance your massage with aromatherapy, himalayan hot stones, cupping, and bamboo fusion. She received her massage training and certification from Alta Massage College, and continues ongoing training to hone her skills.  In addition she received her training and certification for Deep Feet Bar Therapy.


Why did you become a massage Therapist?

The story of how and why I became a Massage Therapist is close to my heart. Between my two beautiful daughters I miscarried at 14 weeks; it was a very difficult time in my life.  My biological father had also recently passed away. Not only was I devastated by the loss, during my visit to the ER I got a staph infection in my arm where the IV had been. I was emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted.   At my follow up appointment with my obgyn, she  suggested that I go for massages as much as I could.  So the next day I went to get a massage. On my way there I was thinking that it was strange to get a massage for “this” at this point in time of my life massage was something you would do for a special occasion like  a Birthday or an anniversary.  That day I got a wonderful massage.  Before I left I made an appointment for another Massage the next week.  And after that second massage I felt so much better my skin didn't hurt to the touch anymore.  My heart felt a little lighter.  This is when I realized that massage is more than just pampering it is for wellness, for peace of mind, for emotional release, for healing, and is something that needs to be a part of regular life. I also felt a strong desire to share this with others in my life so they could benefit from this healing too. Within a few months I started Massage School.  Receiving a massage almost everyday during those 500 hours was life changing. Massage helped me physically, mentally, emotionally, on all levels, and I love helping others in the same way.


Why did you decide to become a part of the Healing Collective?

Being a part of a loving and supportive community and working alongside other Practitioners who practice different modalities for healing is a major component of why i wanted to be a part of the Healing Collective.


What is your most favorite aspect of/what excites you the most about what you do?

I love to learn new things so my goal has always been to take a new class every year.  This is how I came across Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy which is not only my favorite massage receive, but it is my favorite to perform.  During this massage I massage with my feet  while I hold onto bars on the ceiling for balance.  This allows me to not only use the broader surface of my feet  but also my body weight for more pressure.  


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