PureBioenergy is a gentle, non-invasive, safe and proven method of healing that effectively addresses a wide range of conditions in adults, children and even animals. PureBioenergy achieves the effects of acupuncture, chiropractic and reiki, all rolled into one - and then some! Applied over four consecutive days, PureBioenergy Therapy restores the immune system to its most efficient healing state, provides information to the body to speed up healing and recovery time, provides pain relief and restores blood flow for faster healing. This powerful method utilizes specific energy protocols for use on and around the body, and when properly applied, the information of pure health is brought to the immune system, bringing balance to the bioenergetic field, and allows self healing to take place.

To learn more about PureBioenergy or schedule a treatment, contact info@thehealingcollectivela.com