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Experiential Healing Day at The Healing Collective

October Event Postponed-Please check back with us for the spring schedule

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Come Spend The Day with the Practitioners of The Healing Collective for an Immersive and Transformative Wellness Experience!

During this one-day high vibration event you will have the opportunity to:

* Receive hands-on treatments* from skilled therapists

* Learn valuable information during interactive intimate workshops

* Enjoy delicious and nutritious food

* Experience a Healing Sound Bath

* Participate in Sacred Ritual & Ceremony


*Acupressure *Angelic Healing *BEST Treatments *Energetic Sovereignty

*Energy Codes *Hypnotherapy * Massage *Meditation

*Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) * Nutrition * PureBioenergy

*Sacred Ceremony & Ritual *Sound Healing *Tuning Fork Healing

From start to finish, have your spirits lifted during the opening and closing ceremonies, which will include a sound healing. There will also be an amazing raffle give-way! 

You will walk away from this journey feeling awakened, inspired, and empowered to be in command of and in connection with all aspects of your well being.

Space is Limited, Advanced Registration Required.

Featured Practitioner Events

Woman Talk Series

Hosted by Practitioner Linda Chollar

Every 2nd Wednesday from 6-7:45 PM

Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month, Join Host Linda Chollar and Other Like-Minded Women Interested in Conscious Living, Wellness and Empowerment!

Woman Talk is a monthly wellness workshop and social gathering for like-minded women wanting solutions, support and guidance for conscious living and well-being. Each month will focus on practical tools for a healthy body and mind to feel better and reduce pain. Each month is stand-alone so you can come to all or just one. Your guide is Linda Chollar, a wellness coach and body-therapy practitioner who integrates holistic approaches to gain freedom from pain and stress and reclaim balance.

Next Woman Talk:

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 from 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm

Topic is, ‘Fix Tech Neck Pain’

Neck and Shoulder Pain, Back pain and Headaches are often a result of poor postural habits and a condition called "tech-neck" aka "text-neck". Worried about that hump at the back of your neck? Free assessment with photos to see your posture as never before. Learn tips and techniques to decrease pain, look younger and stand taller!

90 Day True Transformation Nutrition MasterMind

with Practitioner Maria Mizzi

Online Course now available!

TRUE Transformation Nutrition Mastermind…

TRANSFORM your relationship with food, health and your body. You will know exactly what fuels YOUR body to maintain energy and lose the weight for good.

RELEASE the old habits that are sabotaging your goals and the weight you’ve been holding on to for way too long.

UNCOVER the simple shifts that will work in your life to replace those old habits with ease. How to create or buy meals in minutes that satisfy your taste buds and rev up your metabolism for energy and weight loss.

EXPERIENCE the body and life you want but never knew how to get there and stay there without struggling to maintain it.

Lose 30 pounds in 90 days without deprivation.

Maria’s TRUE Transformation Nutrition Mastermind includes:

*12, 90-minute Mastermind Sessions in my bright and comfortable Manhattan Beach, CA office with a lively, compassionate, engaged group of women

*A BONUS 30-minute Private Coaching meeting with me to drive progress toward your goals

*Daily email and text support and encouragement to keep you focused

*Weekly handouts, digital downloads and exercises  – meal plans, recipes, workouts, tools and more – to keep you growing and learning

Tomorrow can be just another day of you feeling tired and frustrated OR TODAY can be the last day of the way you used to be. Getting fit and confident has never been so easy and stress free! Don’t struggle one more day.

It’s Time!

Advanced Registration Required and Space is Limited!

Extended Tribe Events

Breathwork Ceremony

with Special Guest Andrea Dominguez

Tuesday, November12, from 7-9:00 PM

Connect to Spirit and Support Your Health with this Transformative Breathwork Practice!

The evening ceremony includes directed self reflection activities intended to get you connected to your desires and intentions. You will journey into the breath with carefully curated music to accompany you and take you deeper. Essential oils, incense and hands-on Reiki are incorporated during the 50 mins of this pranayama (breathing) technique. The active breath is followed by approx. 20 minutes of deep relaxation. We will conclude by holding space for one another to share and integrate our discoveries and intentions. Light fruit and yummy chocolate will be provided. This event is intimate in nature and limited to 14 individuals - which will allow Andrea the opportunity to serve each one of you magical beings!

Benefits of this conscious breathing technique include:

* Relieve Stress & Anxiety * Expand Peace & Joy *Increase Clarity & Creativity *Clear stuck energy *Pain management *Restore Balance Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually

Space is Limited, Advanced Registration Required

meet special guest Andrea Dominguez

“Hello lovely soul. I am an Artist, a Pranayama (Breathwork) Facilitator, Angelic Reiki Practitioner and Wonderfun Maker! I am a creator and seeker in the ways of causing Freedom, Connection, Joy and FUN in the world. I am a stand for LOVE, and that all people live a life of their dreams. In my practice, I have combined my love of music, vibration, spirituality, health and art so that others may experience a deeper connection to themselves and to Spirit. I have several years experience as a massage therapist, Physical Therapy Aide and I have my M.F.A. from Otis College of Art of Design as well as a 2 year training in Advanced Interpersonal Communication and Team Management.” - Andrea

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